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Welcome to DYLAN GOLF

DylanIt has now been scientifically proven (2014) that the traditional method of teaching golf is false. The idea we must learn how to stand, bend knees, keep our arms straight, turn shoulders and hips, keep our heads down and so on is not how we learn to play golf. It is not how the human brain learns any sport.


Just look at Cricket, Baseball, Tennis, Football, Squash, Hurling, Table Tennis, Hockey to name a few and you can see for yourself.


The way to learn golf is the same as the other sports. Use the bat or racket or stick to hit the ball.


In DylanGolf that is what we learn. To hit the ball with the golf club. Its effective, its fun, its rewarding and is how we naturally learn.


Would you copy these positions on these photos to learn these sports ?


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Joseph Dylan Educure: Hit The Ball

hit the ball

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"Dylan Kuhnzack Bawden is a teaching professional based in Austria who reached out to me a while back and asked if I’d read his book ‘Hit The Ball’ and if I liked it would I write a testimonial.
As many of my Facebook friends know, I enjoy reading books, articles and blog posts, and over the course of a year I read my fair share.
Rarely do I get the opportunity to read a book and share my thoughts but in this case I found it difficult not to write something because I was really impressed with the readability of this book, and especially its plot line...
“Every so often you come across a golf book that truly delights in the way it takes you on a journey of learning, self-discovery and wonderment much like the classic Golf In The Kingdom by Michael Murphy.
It’s rare in my experience in this hyper-mechanistic golf world we live in to find a golf book that is entertaining, educational, philosophical, and easy to read, but also has the potential to shake the very foundations that the golf instruction empire sits upon.
“Hit the Ball” is a refreshing departure from the step-by-step texts that continue to be published every year.
“Do this—don’t do that” is the modus operandi of most instructional books on golf that make it to our book shelves, and Dylan’s book finally addresses the ‘elephant in the room’ by getting to the core of why the problem—solution (cause & consequence) framework exists by delving into the grassroots of western education in a sensible and enjoyable way.
The hero in his book is young Joseph a sophist who believes in Arete or excellence and that man is the measure of all things. Joseph is troubled that a new golf school set up across town by Plato is approaching the teaching of golf in a mechanical way contrary to the way he and his fellow sophists believe you learn to play the game.
One night while sleeping Joseph has a lucid dream where he travels two thousand years into the future to discover what this mechanistic—rules based approach has done to the world of golf, and along the way he meets up with top class professional golfers at The Masters, famous authors and scholars to discuss how this approach found its way into main stream thinking in universities in the western world.
This is a clever book in the way it weaves its story around its central characters who have much to say about the way the game of golf is taught today and why so many fail to play like they truly want to.
This book is bound to challenge many—that’s for sure, but it will also delight the few who truly understand the problem that no one wants to talk about.
Either way you look at it, this book has been written at the right time, and for all the right reasons and is definitely worth your time.”
Here’s a link to Dylan’s book for those interested to know more. I’m in no way being paid to write about this book. I just enjoyed reading it and to be honest, I was disappointed that it came to an end and I honestly can’t say that about a lot of books I read which tend to become a labour of love to get through to the end of them."
Lawrie Montague, PGA and founder of Pro Tour Golf College

"Dylan, this, in my opinion, is an outstanding piece of work as well as a riveting read, for which you should receive due credit for. I love the characters and the way you brought them and the plot all together and clearly see that you put your soul into this book. I hope this helps you to future coaching success, as golfers who read this, will for sure have a better understanding of the game."

Jonathan Paul Hunt
British PGA Class AA 'Advanced' Golf Professional



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