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Welcome to DYLAN GOLF

I'm going to tell you a little story.

Golf was invented by the shepherds of Scotland hundreds of years ago. It was one shepherd who was very bored standing on the hills of Scotland who saw a nice round stone on the floor. He had an interesting idea to turn his crook over that he was leaning on and hit the stone into a rabbit hole that was in view.

He thought: "Ah this is something to do to escape my boredom!"

He found it exciting to practice hitting stones with his crook into rabbit holes. After enjoying this so much he told his friend shepherds about his new sport, that he had invented and so they joined in, making the competition who can hit the stone in the least hits into the rabbit hole. This made their days on the hills of Scotland while the sheep grazed a lot more fun. The shepherd who hit the stone into the rabbit hole in the less amount of hits got a bottle of whiskey, and so they would celebrate in the evenings by the fire, and laugh and joke at each other's misfortunes and successes of hitting the stone into the rabbit holes.


As DYLAN GOLF I will teach you golf as naturally as the shepherds played all those hundreds of years ago. It was the idea then and still is today.



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