This is an example of instruction for a golf swing training aid that I found the other day.
If the training aid beeps during the beginning of the backswing.
Make a one-piece take away using your chest, shoulders and upper arms – not your hands and wrists. Maintain the triangle with your arms by keeping the shaft in line with the forward arm until your hands are well past your knee and the club is near waist level.
Take the club away low, slow and smooth- avoid jerky or abrupt movements.
Allow your hands to pass behind your back knee before cocking the wrists.
If the training aid beeps during the completion of the backswing
Keep both knees flexed and the heel of your front foot close to the ground- avoid lifting your arms and shoulders up and straightening the knees.
Get full rotation of the shoulders and hips as your upper body coils over the lower body-be careful not to tilt your hips forward or backward- keep them centred over your feet.
Keep the club in the swing path-the butt end of the club should be facing down at the ball-be careful not to take the club back too far.
If the training aid beeps at the transition of the swing,
You have loaded the club properly-remember you want a slight beep at the transition stage.
That is one out of thousands of pieces of writing of how to swing a golf club. Can you imagine a, “how to throw a ball training aid instructions.” It may read something like this;
If the ball beeps, REMEMBER, keep yourself balanced over your two feet. Keep your knees flexed, and hips facing just left of your target, move your throwing arm towards the target.
If the ball beeps, REMEMBER, your arm must be bent and your wrist fully cocked to give the leverage needed to release the ball from your hand.
If the ball beeps, REMEMBER, to aim your releasing arm to the intended target and that you have enough power in the arm and wrist to make sure the ball will fly far enough to reach its target. It might be an idea to move your arm backwards and forwards to get a feel of what you think might be the amount of energy needed.
If the ball beeps, don’t worry because this is a practice movement.
In the real throw, if the ball beeps, REMEMBER, you may have dropped the ball before releasing it in which case start again.
It is ludicrous but that is how most of golf teaching is done. You may already have experienced a golf lesson that resembles this kind of instruction and would therefore be familiar with the confusing instructions and how ineffective they were. It was ineffective because that is not how we learn to do something. What I teach is how to swing the golf club effectively without confusing instructions on how to move your body. The success is incredible. Simply because that is how we learn to do things. We learn to ride the bike…..we learn to drive the car….we learn to kick the ball….and we learn to swing the golf club.”

Dylan Bawden BSc

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